The mission of the Panther Social Rickshaw Program is to help rickshaw pullers become independent and self-sustainable by offering healthcare, education services, and training on financial management. Panther Social helps the pullers open a savings account, in which it also contributes funds. At the end of the program, the pullers are assisted with setting up their own business, such as purchasing their own rickshaw.

With this vital aid provided through the toils of their own labor and perseverance, the Rickshaw Program hopes to alleviate and permanently enhance the lives of its beneficiaries within the set span of a year. This is to promote the independence and self reliance inherent in social business.

Rickshaw pullers are amongst some of the most marginalized and destitute populations in Bangladesh. The aim of encouraging savings is to address the problem of rent amongst pullers. As often the income earned is taken up by renting the rickshaw they drive, pullers owning their own rickshaw would enable them to take in this otherwise considerable income and improve their own standing in society and personal debt. The goal of providing additional services is to allow for the rickshaw pullers or their families to be healthy and happy, more educated, and more likely to continue down a path of self-improvement, and personal and professional development.


October 26
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September 12
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