Executive Summary
The Bangladesh Social Fund is an investment vehicle that provides long term financing and seed capital to social businesses in Bangladesh through private equity investments, soft loans at subsidized interest rates, and venture capital.

A social business is a business whose mission is to address a social or environmental need in a financially sustainable manner. Its costs are covered by the revenue it generates, be it through interest income or capital gain from equity investments. While investors may recoup their nominal investment, all profits beyond that are reinvested in that social business or in other social businesses to advance social or environmental goals.

The Bangladesh Social Fund is structured as a social business foundation with registered offices in Luxemburg and Dhaka, Bangladesh. It consists of an Investment Committee, a Board of Directors, and a Supervisory Board to manage its operations. This ensures adequate due diligence before actual investments into the social businesses. The investments are managed by BRAC-EPL Investments Limited, a subsidiary of the world's largest NGO, BRAC, and HSBC serves as the Fund's international banking partner.

Investments in the Bangladesh Social Fund will support social businesses in Bangladesh. Examples of successful social businesses include Grameen Danone, Grameen Intel, and Grameen Intel, among many others. Investors are repaid their original investments, and profits generated by the social businesses are reinvested in a variety of tangible life-changing social businesses for an ever developing South Asian population.

Similar funds are currently operating in Haiti and Mumbai. The Fund is seeking for contributors and investors; it accepts investments in the form of non-interest bearing loans, as well as donations.


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