The Bangladesh Social Fund aims to create new successful social businesses. Some examples of existing social businesses in Bangladesh are listed below:

Grameen Danone
The social business creates yogurt fortified with micro-nutrients which are missing in the mal-nourished children of Bangladesh. Because it is a social business, Grameen and Danone will never take any dividend out of the company beyond recouping the initial investment. Bottom line for the company is to see how many children overcome their nutrition deficiency each year.

Grameen Veolia
This is a joint venture with Veolia, a leading water company in the world. Bangladesh has terrible drinking water problem. In a large part of Bangladesh tubewell water is highly arsenic contaminated and surface water is polluted. This social business water company will be a prototype for supplying safe drinking water in a sustainable and affordable way to people who are faced with water crisis.

GC Eye Care Hospital
Grameen established two eye-care hospitals specializing in cataract operation, with a capacity to undertake 10,000 operations per year. The first eye hospital was set up with the money from the Green Children Foundation, created by two singers in their early twenties, Tom and Milla, from England and Norway. The eye care hospitals are an example of a social business created by Grameen companies alone, instead of the joint venture format with multinational organizations.

Grameen Intel
Intel Corporation and Grameen created a social business company to bring information technology-based services to the poor in healthcare, marketing, education and remittances. In two of the clinics in Savar, Bangladesh, mobile healthcare workers equipped with smartphones are using technology to assess the risk profile of pregnant mothers who have limited access to medical care at the villages. Mothers at risk are then referred for further diagnostics, bringing the mother into the formal service for basic healthcare.

Grameen Reebok
A world famous sporting goods company, Reebok, is test marketing the products for its social business to make sure that nobody goes without shoes.

BASF Grameen
Created in partnership with BASF, a German corporation that is one of the world's largest manufacturers of chemicals and related products, the company produces chemically treated mosquito-nets to protect people in Bangladesh and Africa from malaria and other mosquito-borne diseases. It has sold 30,000 nets in Bangladesh.

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