About the Show

The objective of The Social Business (TV show) is to be a vehicle for the worldwide social business movement through the power of media, and:.

img To create widespread exposure for social business around the world
img To encourage / support the opening of new social businesses worldwide
img To help raise funds to start new social businesses in different fields
img To provide education and hands on training for all the groups involved, assisting them to improve their understanding of business practices as well as help structure/refine their business ideas to make them market ready
img To provide useful information and educate viewers on both social issues and on how to improve/structure a business

Anyone older then 18, a citizen of Bangladesh, with a social business idea can apply. The recruitment process will take place on several platforms to attract a wide range of people. Special arrangements will be made for educational institutions as well as corporations, to encourage participation. Recruitment will be split into several rounds:

img First Round: written application with personal details and social business idea outline. Top 100 short lists are chosen.
img Second Round: face to face interview where the top 100 candidates pitch their idea to a panel of judges. This will go into the show to demonstrate the different kinds of ideas - from funny to bril liant.
img Final Selection: The top 25 ideas are chosen and participate in the show

Groups - 5 groups of 5 will be put together by judges to ensure diversity and fairness of competition.

Each group will choose one of the five ideas and compete to win, as a group, for the realization of this idea.

To understand how to create change, the contestants must first experience the problems first hand. They are passionate about their ideas and social businesses, but will they survive the hardships of poverty, hunger, and homelessness? The business aspect of the show is no less demanding; the teams must make their idea bullet proof, and prepare to be grilled by some of the leading experts in development.

Each of the show's challenges revolves around a particular theme, related to teaching the groups about social business, running a successful business, and facing social problems. Groups win prizes for each challenge, and there are mini challenges throughout as well to encourage performance. More details of challenges are included below:

img A cash prize is rewarded to the winning team of each challenge. They can use it at any point in the show starting from the next episode, as many of the challenges involve being given a budget by the judges. Their budget management skills are tested.
img The losing team receives a "commitment challenge" and have to share the experience of the less fortunate – which is only revealed after losing the challenge
img Prizes for mini challenges include consultation with an expert, a one-on-one session with a rep resentative from the Yunus Center or the Grameen Creative Lab, and immunity from elimination during the first round
img The teams are judged not only on the outcome, but on their ability to work together and practice the 7th the principle of social business – do it with joy.
img In the elimination round, a team is sent home at the end of each challenge.

The team which wins gets funding and support to start their social business and turn their dreams into a reality.

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